Solomon Co., Ltd. Business operations (107.9.1 update)
Business Group
Business Office
Business scope
Business Unit

  1. US Cummins Power Generation diesel (gas) oil generator, ATS automatic switch, parallel system
  2. GE diesel medium speed generator
  3. German Piller Dynamic UPS (15 second flywheel energy storage equipment and 5-30 minutes with battery dynamic UPS and long-running dynamic engine with diesel engine)
  4. Siemens bus in Germany
  5. United States Generac small gas generator set, dual fuel generator set
  6. Solomon brand electronic floor tiles and wear-resistant floor tiles
  7. The above equipment system design, planning, integration, installation engineering, parts trading and maintenance services business
  8. Working in various types of power generation equipment systems required for China’s overseas oil fields, gas fields (including transportation) and mine development, as well as business development of pipeline transportation equipment systems and sales of peripheral products and spare parts
Gas Genset Business Unit

  1. US GE Jenbacher gas generator set and its peripheral equipment.
  2. GE Waukesha gas generator set and gas drive engine and its peripheral equipment.
  3. GE Gas Trubine turbine generator sets and their peripheral equipment.
  4. The above equipment system design, planning, integration, installation engineering, parts trading and maintenance services business
Smartization Business Group I
Automation Business Unit
  1. ROCKWELL Taiwan’s general agent: Acting sales of PLC, Drives, Motion, IC, SSC, and graphics control software and other products. In addition to product sales and providing automated control system solutions, including:
    (1) Industrial Machinery Automation Solution
    (2) Factory Automation Solutions
    (3) Machine Condition Monitoring System
    (4) Predictive Maintenance Solutions
    (5) Factory Energy Management (Energy Saving) Solution
  2. Agent sales Encompass surrounding brands
    (1) CKD
    (2) FESTO
    (3) MTE
    (4) Schaffner
    (5) FLIR
    (6) Hoffman
    (7) SECOMEA
    (8) ORing
    (9) Panduit
Encompass Business Unit
Sell/Proxy the following products:

  1. Agent Korea DIT Static Eliminator, Ultrasonic Sensor, Noise Filter
  2. Agent MAFU Feeding System
  3. Agent HEICO-LOCK anti-loose gasket
  4. Agent DRUSEIDT cable
  5. Agent KIST Electrostatic Dust Removal Products
  6. Distribution of EPCOS products
Smartization Business Group II
System Business Unit
R&D/Design/Production of Customized Equipment
Vision Business Unit
  1. Independent research and development products
    (1) 3D Vision-Robot Pick and Place System
    (2) 3D structured light scanner/measurement software
    (3) Deep Learning
    (4) Robot automatically wears shoelaces equipment
Optical Materials Business Unit
  1. Sales/Agent the following products:
    (1) Industrial camera
    (2) Optical Lens
    (3) LED light source
    (4) 2D/3D detection software
  2. Material vision related agent product line planning and management
  3. Project client system software installation, testing and product seminars
Robot Business Unit
  1. Sales/Agent:
    (1) Denmark Universal Robots Six-axis robotic arm.
    (2) Japan Toshiba robotic arm
    (3) Japan Kawasaki Robotic Arms
    (4) Denmark Mobile Industrial Robots trolley-free self-propelled van
    (5) Smart Claws
  2. Sales and integration solutions for the surrounding arm of the robot arm
  3. Planning Service Factory Automation 3D Digital Simulation
Internet Business Unit
  1. M2M Software Development
  2. Internet of Things related services
  3. IoT related system integration
LCD Business Unit
Sales/represents TFT LCD, Driver IC, OLED at home and abroad, and provides customized product services
Component Business Unit
Sales/representing domestic and international electronic components:

  1. Passive products:
    MLCC, electrolytic capacitor, resistor, XY capacitor, etc.
  2. Active products:
  3. Protection products:
    ESD, TVS, connectors, fuses, etc.
Hygiene Business Unit
  1. Design and development of automated sensing products
  2. ODM, OEM product design and manufacturing
  3. Production and sales of water and non-aqueous sanitary sensor products