Successful Cases


  • OEM Dexin packaging company developed a machine that reduces time by nearly half
  • With Rockwell Automation´s Compact Machine Solution (CMS) solution, KWT reduces development costs by 50%
  • Taiwan´s Shi Bang Food Machinery Factory enhances production capacity of 10%, while product life is increased by 75%
  • Rockwell´s automation solution allows the crane to speed up the handling of goods by 20% while significantly reducing downtime
  • Link Machinery Company reduces maintenance costs by 10% and boosts profit by 8%


  • Dedicated to enhance the reliability and e-commerce features of Taiwan´s LCD panel manufacturers
  • Rockwell´s complete automation solution allows Taiwan´s major semiconductor manufacturers to reduce the cost of fab equipment by 20%
  • Steadfast drive system with reduced downtime by 10% and more orders at the interim


  • The Control system upgrades to increase the capacity of steel companies and downtime which raises the annual turnover of up to 1 million US dollars
  • Tension flat production line control system upgraded China Steel Corporation bringing $ 1 million in additional revenue
  • Electricity and energy management solutions help manufacturers of galvanized steel products save $ 15,000 per month and shorten downtime


  • Formosa Taffeta curtain factory upgraded the control system to increase the annual output of 350 tons, bringing the annual turnover of 1.3 million US dollars in contribution

Consumer Industry

  • Taoyuan Sake Brewery wine production capacity increased by 15%, while reducing operating costs up to 20%


  • Taiwan Cement uses Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture solutions to add flexibility, speed and stability to the production process


  • The Giant tire industry production process optimization, enhances the overall capacity by 5%, and shortens the downtime of 96%


  • Taiwan, a major auto-electric symbiosis equipment manufacturers writes the program half of the time by shortening the maintenance time as high as 83%