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Industrial Networking

Industrial Networking

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Solomon equipment data acquisition system

Solomon IIoT & M2M

The current “Industrial 4.0” is a showcase, leading to various types of manufacturing enterprises, are anxious to learn from the wisdom of the factory, the wisdom of manufacturing, industrial networking, the actual situation of the system integration (CPS) and so on new knowledge, learning and learning related cases.

The Next Big Thing

Taiwan´s high-tech manufacturing industry leader TSMC Zhang Zhongmou chairman, as a result of operating IC foundry, a lifetime to see the rise and fall of various industries, but also forever looking forward to stepping on the limelight, so every law will always be packed with domestic ,Outside the top people, all the map is not just their family´s performance next year, how good, but which industry will surfaced, with production capacity to find IC foundry. So Chairman Zhang last year, without any doubt said that the next big Thing is IoT, things there is no suspense is Big Thing!

Think Small Start Slow

In 2015 McKinsey & Company estimated that the value added by IoT is expected to be as high as $ 11 trillion by 2025. Moreover, another McKinsey survey report indicated that up to 95% of companies will import the Internet of Things in the next three years, while 63% of enterprises believe that if the Internet of things may lose market competitiveness, but interesting is that only 17% of enterprises have been implementing the Internet of Things project, the rest mostly waiting and seeing, the internal research stage, clearly presented the Internet of Things “Difficult” features.

Best Practices for Industrial Networking

Even cloud, big data and artificial intelligence, depth of learning, people looked not helpless but expressed amazement, but oaks from little acorns, if the lack of front-end raw data collection and device data collection as an endless supply of nutrients, wisdom can not be manufactured lean increasingly grow; so when before manufacturers expect industrial blueprint for a better 4.0, practitioners still need to do the basics, whether the underlying device networking , device connections , and even middle-level data transmission communication, should complete all the mechanisms are the first set the appropriate side as a fundamental way. Solomon company in accordance with the Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing huge demand, innovation ,independent research and development of industrial networking solutions, the biggest feature is that customers do not need to buy new equipment or no communication interface, just directly follow the existing production equipment architecture, and use the Solomon Internet “Data acquisition system”, that is, for the device information: easy to capture, instant control, predict management, to the industry to move to the industry 4.0, is the fastest and most efficient investment.

Wisdom Manufacturing and M2M

In the Industrial Network (IIoT), the machine can interact with other machines, sensors, objects, controllers, the environment and infrastructure, and multi-level interaction. Resulting in a wealth of information and information that, after processing and analysis, can provide meaningful and immediate decisions for management and control. The growing trend of industrial networking is dramatically changing the whole industrial sector and making the industrial sector more efficient to run, more optimized and somewhat unchanging. Some of the smart manufacturing users even linked Solomon´s equipment data collection system with UR collaboration robots and AGV railless van, and built the unmanned chemical plant. Through the real-time device monitoring, the machine “people” (M2M) can automatically determine that the work of those workstations is nearing completion, in advance to the station to receive the finished workpieces, and automatically move to the needs of the next stop. A similar M2M machine-to-machine intelligent manufacturing application can not only reduce the operator, significantly reduce the error, improve product quality, but also can improve the machine´s moving rate, and improve overall productivity.

Analysis of the current situation in Taiwan´s major manufacturing industry, Semicon- related large enterprises, more through the semiconductor industry-specific communication agreement (SECS-GEM) real-time access to all the production equipment in the factory all kinds of data, but for most other manufacturers, Most of the equipment providers need to pay the cost of equipment to obtain information on the transmission function, and even some equipment manufacturers may not be able to or will not be able to provide equipment connection function.

In order to help customers solve these bottlenecks, Solomon internal research and development of intelligent manufacturing, equipment monitoring M2M solution, both simple, safe, affordable advantages, whether PC-based or PLC-based, does not requires the help of equipment manufacturers, Capture machine information to connect equipment to help factory managers control any changes in the various parameters of the machine, and then improve the machine management and productivity.

Predictive maintenance management

In addition, the management staff shocking without downtime warning, industrial accidents, was still heard, which was the pipeline gas explosion, chemical tanker overturned, and even dust explosion, toxic gas leakage, will result in delays in production and even casualties. See micro-know, take preventive measures is to predict the maintenance and management of the golden rule, re-think of peace and security, thinking about how to use the wisdom of manufacturing, so that the relevant control strength is stronger, more efficient. Industry must be a must, to strengthen the sensor start, equipment data collection, hazard identification, detection, analysis capabilities, and strive for machine equipment to reduce the situation at the lowest.

The traditional concept of security protection, rather emphasis on “zero disaster”, focuses on the immediate and immediate handling of disaster events, and neglects “preventive control from the source of the process.” Now, in the era of intelligent manufacturing “Zero risk”, through effective risk control means to create a network connected to the production process in order to avoid the emergence of human error, at the same time, also set the sensor network equipment, self-diagnostic function, End level.

For example, the identification of light and images, the most common is the temperature rise, frost (ice) phenomenon, with a detector, using a thermal imager to observe, the temperature changes will be able to respond to gas leakage. Similarly, abnormal vibrations or unusual voltage beating if caught in the first time, record, and then capture including temperature and humidity, electricity, magnetic, position, water level, acceleration, tilt, sound, vibration, pressure, action , speed … Yau on basic physical and other kinds of field device status data, and then through the device connection, a new era of Internet of things industrial equipment monitoring will be able to play wonderful benefits of timely predictable management.

Solomon offers a variety of state sensors that help customers monitor the operating environment, such as vibration detectors, power quality detectors, smoke detectors and the global leading brand of FLIR thermal imaging camera industry, FLIR thermal imager and through the Rockwell Automation vibration investigation can accurately predict the maintenance and management, the effective elimination of unexpected downtime, and even the prevention of major security incidents. These detectors can easily connect to the commonly used MES, SCADA system through the communication interface.

Industrial networking is “things” to be able to network first

Factory everything first to the Internet, and then, the goods connected directly to the horizon

Solomon industrial networking M2M equipment data acquisition system


  • Non-invasive device data acquisition, does not affect the normal operation of the machine
  • PC or PLC system production equipment can be applied
  • Instantly feedback equipment status and production information to help improve the staff and equipment productivity
  • Can be linked to mechanical arm, no trackless automatic van, can also be used with large data analysis
  • Low investment high pay, no need for additional investment in new equipment, you can achieve intelligent connection blueprint
  • The entire software system is designed and developed by Solomon, not only between machines and machines (M2M) to be able to
    talk to each other, but also with the customer’s original manufacturing execution system (MES), enterprise resource planning system (ERP)
    and other commercial applications , Also need to do dialogue with each other. The most important thing is to promote the past well water
    does not make the river of IT (IT), operation technology (OT) really produce intersection, and each other.
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