Automation Equipment

Solomon Group in December 2009 with the American Rockwell Automation  officially signed as its  Taiwanese distributor, and sales agent of its Allen-Bradley  full range of product line and set up its automated business known as Automation Business Unit (ABU), which actively promotes the business throughout the province.

In addition to Rockwell Automation products as the core, Solomon has also introduced more than 20 international brands related peripheral products, mostly in the automation product line .This has enabled the company in the energy power, motor products, to extend to the motor, energy and automation solutions; enabling motor products achieve the perfect complementarity and integrity, furthermore yield customers with a more complete service and support.

 About Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation Inc. (NYSE: ROK) is the world´s largest manufacturer of industrial automation and information, which helps customers improve their productivity and pursue global sustainability through expertise. With well-known brands such as Allen-Bradley and Rockwell Software, we are committed to helping our customers build a full range of automation solutions, reduce costs and increase productivity. Rockwell Automation is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, with over 19,000 employees in more than 80 countries.

Rockwell professional technical engineers combine the following three parts: Information and Automation System (IAS) Engineering Variable Frequency Drive System Global Technical Support Services: Maintenance, Product Training, Course Training.

Services Industry: Semiconductor & Electronics Steel Transportation & Transportation Tires Petrochemicals & Mining Consumer Goods Food Processing Pulp & Paper Public Works Water Treatment.

 Automation from the perfect partner

In the field of automation, how to save costs, and improve productivity is often the question …it’s safe to say that with a single product is worthwhile. However , it is vital to have a partner that can provide you with a complete solution and industry application. Solomon Automation Division in addition to the official signed agreement with the United States Rockwell also surrounds peripheral products of the company, for an abundant automation product line .