At present, the main customer base of Solomon Internet of Things, includes several well-known domestic semiconductor packaging and testing plant, LED manufacturers and EMS factory, making up nearly 1,000 production equipment on the use of Solomon´s networking equipment connection solution. In the trend of industrial networking, Solomon´s customer base and the customer´s industry is not increasing rapidly, is expected in the next few months, that textile, aerospace parts and electronic components manufacturing customer base will continue to increase as it creates efficiency.

System Implementation Benefits:
  • Conducive to remote control, without need of being too close to the machine
  • Record the operating process of production equipment, can be used as a reference to improve the yield or basis
  • Instant notification/warning, avoid mixing/wrong material, avoid production loss, damage to product, etc.
  • Immediate Output Yields Online statistics and returns
  • Flexible communication interface, conducive to data management
  • Process monitoring, recording process parameters, output production reports
  • Improve efficiency and saves human resources
  • Remote monitoring of process equipment at any time, reducing the number of people entering and leaving the production site
  • Conducive to the central management, to improve the operation of people to neglect, to enhance the safety of the production site
Secure System
  • Does not affect the production equipment computer performance and compatibility
  • Maintains the original production equipment, without making any changes in the original production mode
  • Maintains high throughput of production equipment
Import Costs
  • Construction costs and other programs are relatively low
  • You can save the original equipment manufacturers high price of Internet communication module
  • Ready to use, just on, without any expensive learning costs
  • Reliable system that avoids many unanticipated costs (failure, unstable maintenance costs)
Industrial Networking,Device Data Acquisition System

Industrial Networking Device Data Acquisition System