Technical certification

Solomon built the automation technology services and received a certificate from the Ministry of Economic Affairs

  • System Integration Business

Solomon built the intelligent automation industry, and in January 2016 the company through the Ministry of Economic Affairs Industrial Service Review was awarded the automation technology service energy certificate.

With the global industry 4.0 wave surge the Ministry of Economic Affairs Industrial Bureau will vigorously promote the production of 4.0 as to promote the development of service knowledge, start the intelligent automation industry as well promote such project to encourage enterprises or technical services to accept the technical service energy registration review and charter through professional members review the check including financial and technical reviews while certification endorsement and technical energy certainly will assist domestic industries to upgrade.

Solomon participated in the “Technical Service Organization Energy Registration”, which was promoted by the Industry Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and successfully passed the following certifications in the “Automation Service Organization” by virtue of professional and technical service capabilities, including:

  • System integration planning technical services
  • Connection and integration of computer network system and hardware equipment
  • MIS planning and design
  • Integration of Automation Technology and Production Technology
  • Application of Internet of Things System in Automated System Integration Planning

The certificate below on behalf of the Ministry of Ministry of Economic Affairs on Solomon´s technical capabilities and service quality recognition assist in enhancing the overall corporate image and customer trust. Solomon emphasized that it will not only give priority to the future application of the Ministry of Economic Affairs but will also participate in non government related programs and is expected to take this market cooperation and interaction mechanism to become the promoter of automation technology service industry strategic alliance important seed!