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Solomon IIoT & M2M

Product Advantages

For the average manufacturer, the production of the scene side of the machine equipment, most of them are relatively closed environment, have their own language agreement, like how to speak, talk, and how the machine message is delivered to Enterprise background application system, and even the cloud platform, can be described as a challenge, if not break through this challenge, then the great wisdom of manufacturing, industry 4.0 will eventually be unsustainable. Therefore, for customers who have already invested in expensive production equipment, the advantages of the Solomon “Equipment Data Acquisition System”, which can monitor and process changes in production equipment at any time, are obvious:

M2M,remote monitoring,data retrieval system

M2M remote monitoring & data retrieval system

Kanban management

The Case of EMS customers benefitting from using the Solomon M2M system on the SMT line are:

IoT/M2M data retrieval system decision project

IoT/M2M data retrieval system decision project
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