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Industrial networking is a fast-growing important technology, by the community of great concern. To make the smart plant vision a reality,
the automation architecture is inevitable, in short, is to allow the network of factories to immediately capture the key information
of each production equipment, and then through the back-end system for large data (Big Data) analysis, so that managers find
problems, rapid diagnosis, and quickly make operations and operational improvements. Of course, this is the ideal goal of the Internet
of Things, in the real world, but to achieve such goal it is still full of several challenges.

Fearless old equipment on the next

Solomon launched the Internet of Things solution, for customers, is a cheap, fast, safe and reliable alternative to help customers quickly into
the Internet of things technology. Mainly through the hardware device, the immediate capture of equipment information, and then the information
through the internal network to the factory has been installed remote Solomon software server. The main features of this solution, in addition
to customer needs can be monitored and processed equipment, do not need to install the customer’s equipment in any Solomon software
(non-invasive system), it will not violate the owners and equipment manufacturers And the program is not limited to the machine operating
system, can be integrated with a variety of different operating platforms and equipment models. In addition to can be applied to PC-based
equipment, also applies to PLC/HMI system architecture.

Device Data Acquisition System

Device Data Acquisition System